Washable pillows and why they are important.

Getting quality sleep is hard enough, let alone with the added stress of staying healthy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Caring for yourself is key to keeping your immune system fighting fit, and sleep plays a major role in wellness. A comfortable pillow can make all the difference!


Not only is it important to get enough sleep to aid in recovery, but having clean bedding can actually help you get a better night’s rest. Sheets and pillowcases are easy to clean, but what about your pillow?


Especially with concerns over coronavirus lingering on fabrics and surfaces, you should be sanitizing all your bedding, not just the sheets and pillowcases. During a time when personal hygiene is of utmost importance, the best pillow is one you can clean with ease. Washable UMi pillows are the perfect way to sleep better, and cleaner.


Thanks to machine-washable pillow designs that are easy to care for at home, you can simply throw your memory foam pillows into the washing machine to disinfect them and eliminate harmful bacteria and germs as often as you need to.


We recommend washing your bed pillows at least 2-3 times a year, and more often if you suffer from allergies or any upper respiratory illnesses. Sanitize your pillows and bamboo pillow cases in the washing machine using a mild or a natural, fragrance-free detergent to avoid aggravating allergies or sensitive skin, and then thoroughly dry in your dryer.


Since your sleep habits might be changing as you adjust to new schedules and routines, UMi washable and adjustable memory foam pillows and latex pillows let you choose the fill and comfort level for the best pillow for neck pain. Choose from shredded memory foam pillows, cooling pillows with supportive memory latex pillow inserts, or the best neck pillow with a 3-in-1 memory foam fill and insert you can adjust any time you need to.


All of our pillows come with a super-soft and fully-removable bamboo pillowcase for added comfort and easy care. Our goal is to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy pure sleep, soundly and safely.

Get better sleep with UMi Homegoods

There’s nothing better than climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets, especially if they’re still warm from the dryer. If you’ve ever felt like you just sleep better after laundry day, it’s not all in your head. Research from the National Sleep Foundation shows you actually sleep better when your bedding is clean.


Experts recommend that you wash your sheets at least every two weeks, but laundering your bedding once per week is optimal, especially if you suffer from allergies, skin irritations, or any upper respiratory symptoms. 


You probably already have a laundry routine for your sheets and pillowcases, but when was the last time you washed your pillow? Every night, your pillows are collecting sweat, dirt, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells as you sleep. Plus, all those extra germs, bacteria and even dust mites are bad news for anyone with seasonal allergies, and can aggravate existing upper respiratory symptoms like a cough or seasonal flu. 


You might be wondering, “is my pillow washable?” Our UMi pillows are the best memory foam pillows for allergies, designed with high-quality, hypoallergenic memory foam and bamboo pillow cases that are fully machine-washable at home to help remove those allergens and germs—and unlike traditional feather and polyester-fill pillows, they won’t go flat after laundering.


To wash and sanitize your shredded memory foam pillow, simply toss in your washing machine with a mild or natural detergent, then put them in the dryer until they are fully dry and fluffy. Wondering how often should you wash your pillows? Sleep experts recommend washing your memory foam pillows and sanitizing latex pillows a minimum of two or three times a year, and more frequently if you suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, or chronic respiratory illnesses. 


Clean, fresh pillows are a great way to get better sleep, especially if you have trouble falling asleep or wake up with a stiff, sore neck. The best neck pillows are adjustable, with shredded memory foam fill and extra pillow inserts like our 3-in-1 adjustable bed pillow. The best pillow for neck pain, you can customize the loft to the perfect height, so you can enjoy pain-free sleep. With their machine-washable design, keeping your comfortable bamboo pillows clean is simple, too! Experience that fresh from the dyer feeling every time your head hits the pillow.