Customize Your Comfort

Your sleep is unique, and you deserve a pillow that was made, just for you. Rest easy knowing our pillows can be adjusted to your perfect comfort level and sleep position.

Find Your Perfect Loft

Customize your pillow based on your sleep position to ensure proper alignment and support.

  • High – Perfect for side sleepers! A thicker pillow fills the empty space between the head and neck, providing needed support.
  • Medium – Back sleepers should opt for a height that doesn’t push the head forward, but still provides support for the neck.
  • Low – A lower loft and adjustable design is great for stomach sleepers, who need just a little bit of support.

Adjust Your Infinity Pillow

  1. Unzip the bamboo exterior cover
  2. Unzip the interior liner
  3. Add or remove filling to reach the perfect height and support for you

Adjust Your Verve Dual-Sided Pillow

  1. Unzip the bamboo exterior cover
  2. Add the memory foam insert for more support and a higher loft
  3. Choose the memory foam side for better neck alignment
  4. Flip to the microfiber side if you prefer a softer, fluffier feel